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My name is Marta Tomasini, I was born and raised in Northern Italy, but my journey brought me to Biarritz, South-Western France, where I could pursue my passion for surfing and the ocean.


Living surrounded by nature taught me to appreciate the elements and to live by their flow.

I'm in love with the simple everyday things, like a glass of good wine, a handwritten card or a barefoot walk on the beach...


Photography has a special place in all this, as it is able to immortalise those feelings you fail to put into words.

Capturing the simple precious moments of one's life means telling their story and creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

“She crossed borders recklessly, refusing to recognise limits, saying bonjour and buongiorno as though she owned both France and Italy and the day itself

- Kobi Yamada


You are unique and so is a photo session that is customized on your needs and demands. In our first meeting we will sit around a coup of tea and chat about your project.

Building a bond with my clients is fundamental to me, in order to capture the real essence of the subject in front of my lens.


Your photos are the representation of your

most precious moments.


Whether on digital or on film, I only deliver high quality 

images for you to cherish for a lifetime.


I fluently speak English, French and Italian and I will be happy to communicate with you in the language you are most comfortable with.

Based in Biarritz, South-Western France, I am available to work all over Europe if needed.


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